'The dawn can begin..'

In the summer of 2015 I was listrning to several new songs written and performed by Fred Bachman, kindly sent to me from the USA. I had much admired the songs for quite a while. It occurred to me that Hart~Carney had many similarites in style and essence to this kind of music and, wouldn't it be great if we could possibly collaborate, write and produce music together, as a cool but novel project, sometime in the near future?


Jack Carney loved the idea so I contacted Fred Bachman, who had no hesitation in pursuing the concept in toto.




Jack and I had previously met Fred when he was on tour in the UK in 2013 with the US band The Sixth Generation. We hit it off personality wise in an instant and we kept in touch from both sides of the Atlantic from there-on in.


Hart~Carney originally formed their musical partnership around 1980 as a band called Personal Services, then Tom, Dick 'n Harry with bass player Gerry McCloughlin. In 1995 Jack and Bill formed Something Catchy with Alan Turner and Alan Bentham which folded in 2008.


Recently, entering the recording studio, Jack and Bill are enjoying a productive stint of song writing and producing which has resulted in the acclaimed CD's Tah~dahh, the recent Huhh-ho and a complilation album called Mersey Sound Wave.


In The Sixth Generation, Fred Bachman was a member from 1966 to 1969. In that time the band played with The Kingsmen (Louie, Louie), The Buckinghams, The Box Tops (The Letter) and many other famous bands.


Since those heady days of the sixties he was finalist for mid Michigan country talent contest sponsored by WITL in 1975. Later he released two albums on MP3.com, 1999-2000, entitled "Killing Innocence" and "Somewhere in My Head". Both albums were self-written and recorded in 2005. Playing rhythm guitar and singer for Jammin' Joe and Josh in Cocoa Beach, Florida, he also gigged as a local lounge player/singer.


Reunited with the re-formed Sixth Generation in 2010, they released 'That Was...This Is' album 2012 to much popular acclaim. In the summer of 2013 they set off on a mini tour of Northwest England which included the highlight of a gig at Liverpool's world famous Cavern Club; amongst several others. Bill Hart and Jack Carney of Hart~Carney later played on the same bill on one such night which brought them much musical respect of each others work.


So, what's happening next? The first song has been co-written and the structure agreed upon. Basic instrumental and vocal parts are in place and sound engineer Mick Armistead has been recruited to take care of techo' matters UK.


Jack and Bill will initially record the guide demo' track and this will be passed back and forth for development during the next few months with a release date due in 2016.


The band name of BachCarHart was suggested by Jack and features all our names, but is far too close for comfort in terms of the name of a certain world famous composer. So the name has been carefully chosen to represent both counties and our mutually close musical cultures..


We are AmeribritZ..


..and our debut single song title?

'What It'll Be Like - Love & Light'


Bill Hart: November 2015


NEWLiiNE Words & Music UK



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